Monday, April 16, 2012

Package From Japan

So about once a month a care package arrives from my mother-in-law in Japan.  Filled with unusual foods and insanely cute toys for Kiki, it's a monthly little celebration in our household.  However this month things went, well, let's just take a look, shall we?

First we found these...

So, they're little fork-like utensils, you know, for kids.  Pretty damn cute too, right?  And useful for those still developing the dexterity required for chopsticks.  And yes, I am counting myself in that group.

Well, at least these two are cute, but then they started to get a little, well, weirder...

Still cute, but I must say the seal is slightly disturbing, and from the way the elephant is crouched I can't really figure out where that spike is emanating from, but from the look on his face I'm guessing I don't really want to eat off it.  

Then, well, they frankly just got inappropriate...

Seriously?  I mean, I know your pornography is all pixelated or animated or somehow just fucked up, but do you really need to sexualize these super cute little forks?  Really, from the county that invented the used panty vending machine I just expected more from you, Japan.  

Although, as far as plastic koala's with massive erection forks go, it is still pretty damn cute.

Oh, damn you Japan, I can't stay mad at you!

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